Program Feedback

— Our Team Members are Always Justifiably Proud of Their Awards

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend the Rotary “Pride of Workmanship” awards to all employers, regardless of how big or small your company is.

The absolute key value of these awards is that they are a public recognition of the outstanding contributions made by everyday team members. Although every good employer has ways of recognizing exceptional staff, with employee of the year or similar awards, those are internal programs. Even if those awards come with a bonus or a plaque on the wall, they won’t match being called up in front of a couple of hundred people from different companies to receive the prestigious Pride of Workmanship awards given by Rotary.

These are beautiful awards and I find it difficult to believe that Rotary provide the awards for free. Our team members are always justifiably proud of their awards which are later on put on show in conspicuous places in offices, lunchrooms or in our trophy cabinets.

So if any of you have a really outstanding team member who deserves recognition, nominate them and then celebrate with them as they receive their award in front of their colleagues and other deserving employees at the annual awards dinner.

— Australian and International Recognition of Outstanding People

Your guide to running the program was invaluable. The publicity we received through the local media was excellent with the publication of photographs in our local Sunday paper.

Our original plan was to have a presentation dinner for about 56 people, in line with past years. As a result of the publicity, and the response to same, this grew to 65. We finally had 80 at the presentation dinner.

As an unplanned consequence we have identified at least two prospects for Rotary membership which we shall pursue.

Thank you to your Club for this great program and for allowing me to be part of this Australian and International recognition of outstanding people.